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Roger presenting his collection of banjo contest trophies to Gabrielle Gray, executive dierctor of the International Bluegrass Music Museum in Owenboro, Kentucky, June, 2009. The museum has a display dedicated to Roger and was honoring him as a "Pioneer of Bluegrass" at the 2009 ROMP Festival.





Roger in the 1950's, Greenwich Village




Perfoming in Newtown, Connecticut.




Galax Old Fiddler's Convertion 2007
Roger has been performing at this festival for almost 50 years.




The monthly "Spaghetti Supper" jam in Newtown, Connecticut.




Performing with Bill Monroe




With Richard Greene and Peter Rowan of The Bluegrass Boys, Roanoke, 1966
Photo courtesy of Fred Robbins




1950, New York City




Roger took hundreds of photographs of the folk music scene in New York, the southern mountains and elsewhere along his travels during the 1950's through the 1980's. We will be sharing some of these on this website as we scan them.






Please feel free to submit your own photos to share.


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